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Sultan dal was born on January 7, 1883. I liar father, PL Chanda Ram was a poor Brahmin of Patti, District Amrilsar. Sohan Lal was a brilliant student and won many scholarships and prizes while be was at the local school. But he had to discontinue his studies after he passed the Middle ewniination and secured employment in the Irrigation Department. Rut after a short rinse he left this service also and joined the Normal Training School, lahaxe. On the completion of the course he took up the work of n school teacher.
Sohan Lal hail two brothers and one sister. At the age of 18 he was married to Slwimati Laxmi Devi of Kalanaur, District Gurdaipur. lie was extremely devoted to his parents and brothers.
During his stay at Lahore, he developed strong leanings towards the national movement. The revolutionary uprising of 1905-07 created a deep impact on his mind. lie resigned his job as a protest against the lie sdmasters ordering him to break ofThis contacts with Lain Lajpat Rai and other national leaders Thereafter, he became joint Editor of the Urdu journal gamete Mriram working under Lajpat Rai. Simultaneously, he Joined the classes which Data Hardynl had started at Lahorc to imprecate the youth of India with the rim of revolution. About this time h13 wife Save bath to her first child but within a week both the child and the mother expired. With this the family situation became dismal and hopeless Among the survivors, his father was now too old to wok and his eider sister was an issueleu widow.
(Now In such tragic circumstances, Sohan Lad ell India in 1907 for Siam
'Ihtdand) aff4 the Philippines. After visiting India once in between, he left for America for higher studies in Pharmacy.
In America he once again came in contact with Itardyal who had set up the Ghadr Party in California with a view to raising a general rebellion in India. Sohan Lal lost no time in becoming an active worker of this party.
When the leadership of the Ghadr Party started send rag brads of
revolutionaries to India, Suhan Lal took upon himself the assignment of raising a revolt among Indian soldiers of the British army stationed in Burma, Malaya and Singapore. As a result of his propaganda. Indian soldiers in Singapore revolted in March, 1915 but were brutally pox
down and arrested. Many of them were shot dead
But Sohan Lal remained undaunted and shifted the field of his activities to Burma. Immediately, a search was started for the arrest of this 'dangerous revolutionary. It was not so easy to lay hands upon him, as he knew the local language and moved freely in the country in the stress of the native people. At last the Government exceeded in arresting him in August 1915 at Mcmyo (Burma) He was detained in the Fort of Mandlay during his trial. The court declared him guilty and sentenced him to death He died on the gallows on February 10, 1916. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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