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Bhagwati Charan

Bhagwati Charan sins born at Lahore in a Brahmin family of District Gulrat. His father's name was Rai Sahib Pt. Shiv Charan, who was a railway official. Bhagwati Charan's wife Durga Devi, herself made great contribution in the freedom movement. He passed his B. A. examination from the National College, Lahore founded and run by Lala Lajpat Rat, It Was during his stay at this college that he was initiated into the revolutionary movement. In collaboration with Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev. he founded a study circle on the model of Russian revolutionaries.

In 1927, this revolutionary group formed the Nam Jawan Bhrat Sablia with Bhagwati Charan as Propaganda Secretary. Both Bhagat Sirgh and Rhagwaii Chariot undertook an extensive tour of the Punjab and delivered lectures on the lives of the Indian revolutionaries. But they were prohibited from their work by the Punjab Government.

Bhagwati's house in Lahore became a rendezvous of revolutionaries. The sad episode of I.ala Lajpat Rail: death deeply stirred their minds. Bhagwati Charts was a party to the murder of Saunders and the throwing of bombs in the Central Assembly Hall by Bhagat Singh and B. K. Dutt. He made an abortive attempt to explode the Viceroy's railway coach near Delhi. In 1930. Bhagwati along with his friends made strenuous efforts to get Bhagat Singh and associates released dons the Lahore Jail. For this purpose, a plan was prepared and June 1. 1930 was fixed for this purpose. But all his efforts were dashed to the ground because of his sudden and tragic death on May 29, 1930 as the result of a bomb exploding in his hand during its testing on the ban' of the Ravi. His last words mark the depth of his emotional involvement in the freedom struggle. "Had this death been late by two days, I would have attained more success before dying. Now that desire of mire has remained unfulfilled "

After Bhagwati s death, his mission was continued for some years by his widow, Durga Devi, popularly called Durga Bhabi. She made an attempt upon the life of Sir Malcolm Hailey, but he escaped. For this she was imprisoned for three years. After bee release she became President: of the Delhi Congress Committee. Shortly after, she retired from politics and took to teaching will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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