Saturday, November 25, 2017
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Gurdwara Gaindsar Sahib Village Bhanokhere


guruThis Gurdwara is associated with the Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib. He was a child of seven years when he came to Lakhnaur Sahib, the house of his maternal grandparents. Here, he used to play with children of his age. Once, when they were playing with a ball, it fell at this place. There was a big banyan tree here under which lived some lepers. There was a small pond near the tree. Inside the hollow of the tree, a venomous serpent had made its abode. When the ball fell near the tree, the young Guru started towards it. Everybody warned him against going there but he did not heed them. The serpent came out of the tree but was killed with a single arrow of the Guru. It was actually a cursed being whose salvation was ordained at the young Guru’s hands. Seeing this, the lepers too asked the Guru to help them out of their ordeal. He told them to bathe daily in the pond after which they would become free from their disease. Guruji then proclaimed that whosoever would bathe in that pond with a selfless mind would be cured of all diseases

This Gurdwara is located in village Bhanokheri, about two kms from village Lakhnaur.

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