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Shahid Ganj Bhai Taru Singh




The Shahidi Asthan of Bhai Taru Singh Ji situated in Naulakha Bazaar. Bhai Sahib used to look after his widowed mother, and his sister by sheer honest earning and helped the needy Sikhs as well. The rulers of the time always disliked these compassionate deeds of his. Under this offence, Bhai Sahib Ji was imprisoned, he was offered temptation and then tortured but he did not budge and remained steadfast. The Qazi passed a decree to scalp him alive. At the place, Bhai Taru Singh's scalp was removed with a hoe, but he kept repeating Waheguru. On 13th Asu, 1802 BK. (A.D. 1745) Bhai Taru left for his heavenly abode but as he had exclaimed, Zakaria Khan died earlier. The devotees got a Gurdwara built at this place. During the Sikh Raj, a big Jagir was granted to this Gurdwara. When the management of this shrine was taken over by the S.G.P.C., the rendering of service to this holy place went to Bhai Asher Singh, who later became Jathedar of Sri Akal Takhat. Due to distinguished qualities of Bhai Sahib, it earned great importance, but after partition, we had to abondon this holy shrine. The Gurdwara still exists but the management is with Pakistan Waqf Board.


bhai Text and photographs: Gurdwara Gurdham at Pakistan, written by Roop Singh and Published by SGPC
bhai Photographs : Kanwer Sosheel Singh  from Pakistan
bhai Photographs: S. Rajinder Singh Narang will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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