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Harbhajan Mann

Harbhajan Mann, the heartthrob, is a singing sensation and a demonstrated punjabi movie actor.Although much known for his singing art will soon be known and punjabi all rounder star in the entertainment industry..
He got spotlight in punjabi music industry with his astonishing performance and miraculous voice in “Husn Jawani”. When he became “Inder” in “Jee Ayan Nu” in 2002 and his success in “Asa Nu Mann Watna Da” stamped him with a label of star in the punjabi movie world.

Harbhajan started singing in 1977-78 and as an amateur who used to perform in local shows for the Asian community while in his school in Canada. His aspirations to sing professionally were sparked when he studied music from his first guru, Karnail Singh.
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His first professional break came to him in 1992 while he was still in Canada with the release of Chithiye Nee Chithiye. This track became a successful with the target audiences in Punjab. After the success of the single Chithiye Nee Chithiye in India, Harbhajan realized that the industry for Punjabi music was too limited in Canada. Harbhajan returned to Punjab to record his albums. Harbhajan`s melodious voice was still relatively undiscovered until 1999. With the help of India MTV and some extra promotions from T-Series, Mann`s 1999 album, “Oye Hoye”, became an explosive hit. His Punjabi-pop style soon attracted audiences from all over India. Singing was not only a Passion inside him but he started giving his voice to the actors as he turned into a Playback Singer and an Actor. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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