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Gurbani Raag: Bairari

This raga appears in the Ragmala as the first ragini of Sin Raga. In the Mesakarna. Ragmala (1509), which is almost the same as that of the Guru Granth Sahib, the first ragini of Siri Raga is given as Vairati. However, modern sources do not give Bairari nor Vairati but Barari and Varari as well as Varati are . listed. Kaufmann believes that all of these names refer to the same raga, Barari. Whether this is the same as the old Bairari is open to question. The possibility always exists that Bairari was a regional tune. It was used by Guru Ram Das for six short hymns and by Guru Arjan for one. The performance time for Bairari is during the evening hours and it is currently assigned to the Marva thata. It resembles Purva Kalyan, the main difference being the use of Pa which is strong in Bairari and weak in Purya-Kalyan. Popley places Bairari in the same group as Siri Raga and this would agree with the Ragmala.
Aroh : Ni Re Ga Pa, M'a Ga, M'a Dha Sa
Avroh : Sa Ni D ha P'a, M'a Ga, Pa Ga, Re Sa
Vadi: Ga
Samvadi: Dha

Excerpts taken from Encyclopedia of Sikhism
by Harbans Singh .
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