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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 8 (Six philosophies)

chuM bydW ky Drm mQ Kt SwsqR mQ irKI sunwvY]
bRhmwidk snkwidkw ijau iqh khw iqvyN jg gwvY]
gwvn pVn ibcwr bhu koit mDy ivrlw giq pwvY]
ieh Acrj mn AWvdI pVHq guVHq kCu Byd n AwvY]
jug jug eyko vrn hY kljug ikvyN bhuq idKlwvY]
jMdRy vjy iqRhu jugIN kQ pVH rhY Brm nihM jwvY]
ijEoN kr kiQAw cwr vyd Kt SwsqR sMg sWK suxwvY]
Awpo Awpxy sb mq gwvY ]ø]

chuhu(n) baedhaa(n) kae dhhurum muthh khutt shaasuthr muthh rikhee sunaavai||
brehumaadhik sunukaadhikaa jio thih kehaa thivae jug gaavai||
gaavun purrun bichaar buhu kott mudhhae virulaa gath paavai||
eih achuruj mun aaa(n)vudhee purruuth gurruuth kushh bhaedh n aavai||
jug jug eaeko vurun hai kulujug kivae buhuth dhikhulaavai||
ju(n)dhrae vujae thrihu jugee kuthh purru rehai bhurum nehi(n) jaavai||
jiouo kur kathhiaa chaar vaedh khutt shaasuthr su(n)g saa(n)kh sunaavai||
aapo aapunae sub muth gaavai ||u||

Having churned the duties enjoined in the four Vedas, the seers have delineated the six Shastras.
What ever was described by Brahma and Sanak, people recited and followed.
Many think over while reading and singing, but only one among millions understands and reads between the lines.
It is suprising that every age had dominance of one colour (caste) but how in Kaliyug myriads of castes are there.
That the duties of all the three Yugas have been abandoned is known to everybody but the confusion persists.
As the four Vedas have been defined, the description of the six philosophies (Shastras) also complements them.
They all eulogise their own view point.

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