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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri34 Victory at Mecca

DrI inSwnI kOs dI mky AMdr pUj krweI]
ijQy jweI jgq ivc bwby bwJ n KwlI jweI]
Gr Gr bwbw pUjIey ihMdU muslmwn guAweI]
Cpy nWih CpwieAw ciVAw sUrj jg ruSnweI]
buikAw isMG aujwV ivc sb imrgwvl BMnI jweI]
ciVHAw cMd n lukeI kF kunwlI joq CpweI]
augvxhu qy AwQvxhu nau KMf ipRQvI sB JukweI]
jg AMdr kudrq vrqweI ]óô]

dhhuree nishaanee kuus dhee mukae a(n)dhur pooj kuraaee||
jithhae jaaee juguth vich baabae baajh n khaalee jaaee||
ghur ghur baabaa poojeeeae hi(n)dhoo musulumaan guaaee||
shhupae naa(n)hi shhupaaeiaa charriaa sooruj jug rushunaaee||
bukiaa si(n)gh oujaarr vich sub mirugaavul bhu(n)nee jaaee||
charraiaa chu(n)dh n lukee kudt kunaalee joth shhupaaee||
ouguvunuhu thae aathhuvunuhu no khu(n)dd prithhuvee subh jhukaaee||
jug a(n)dhur kudhuruth vuruthaaee ||uu||

Wooden sandal (of Baba Nanak ) was kept as a memory and he was woshipped in Mecca.
Go anywhere in the world, you would not find a place bereft of the name of Baba Nanak.
Without discrimination of Hindu or Muslim, in every house, the Baba is revered.
When the sun rises it cannot be covered and it lightens the whole world.
When the lion roared in the jungle the flocks of deer ran away.
If someone wants to conceal moon by putting before it a platter, it cannot be hide.
From rising to setting directions i.e from east to west, all the nine divisions of earth bowed before Baba Nanak.
He diffused his power in whole of the world. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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