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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 12 (Sankhya)

duAwpr jug bIqq Bey kiljug ky isr CqR iPrweI]
byd AQrbx QwipAw auq`r muK gurmuK gungweI]
kpl irKISr sWK mQ AQrbx byd kI ircw sunweI]
igAwnI mhwrs pIA kY ismrY inq Ainq inAweI]
igAwn ibnw nih pweIAY jy keI kot jqn kr DweI]
krm jog dyhI kry so Ainq` iKn itkY n rweI]
igAwn mqy suK aUpjY jnm mrn kw Brm cukweI]
gurmuK igAwnI sihj smweI ]ñò]
dhuaapur jug beethuth bheae kalijug kae sir shhuthr firaaee||
baedh athhurubun thhaapiaa outhuur mukh gurumukh gunugaaee||
kupul rikheeshur saa(n)kh muthh athhurubun baedh kee richaa sunaaee||
giaanee mehaarus peea kai simurai nith anith niaaee||
giaan binaa nehi paaeeai jae kee kott juthun kur dhhaaee||
kurum jog dhaehee kurae so anithu khin ttikai n raaee||
giaan muthae sukh oopujai junum murun kaa bhurum chukaaee||
gurumukh giaanee sehij sumaaee ||uu||
With the passing away of Dvapar, the canopy of kingdom now came over the head of Kaliyuga.
Atharvaveda got established and people now would go on eulogising, facing the north direction.
As a substance of the hymns of Athrvaveda, the Sankhya-sutras were recited by sage Kapil.
Get imbued with the great knowledge and go on pondering over the stable and the transitory.
Despite millions of efforts, without knowledge nothing can be attained.
Karma and yoga are activities of the body and both these are momentry and perishable.
Analytical wisdom creates the supreme delight and the illusions of birth and death come to an end.
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