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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri32 At Mecca

bwbw iPr m`ky gXw nIl bsqR Dwry bnvwrI]
Awsw h`Q ikqwb k`C kUjw bWg mus`lw DwrI]
bYTw jwie msIq ivc ijQy hwjI h`j gujwrI]
jW bwbw su`qw rwq nUM v`l mihrwby pWie pswrI]
jIvn mwrI lq dI kyVHw suqw ku&r ku&wrI]
lqW vl ^udwie dy ikauNkr pieAw hoie bjgwrI]
tMgoN pkV GsIitAw iPirAw m`kw klw idKwrI]
hoie hYrwn kryn juhwrI ]óò]

baabaa fir muukae guyaa neel busuthr dhhaarae bunuvaaree||
aasaa huuthh kithaab kuushh koojaa baa(n)g musuulaa dhhaaree||
bait(h)aa jaae museeth vich jithhae haajee huuj gujaaree||
jaa(n) baabaa suthaa raath noo(n) vuul mehiraabae paa(n)e pusaaree||
jeevun maaree luth dhee kaerruaa suthaa kur kuaaree||
luthaa(n) vul khhudhaae dhae kioukur paeiaa hoe bujugaaree||
ttu(n)go pukurr ghuseettiaa firiaa muukaa kulaa dhikhaaree||
hoe hairaan kuraen juhaaree ||uu||

Donning blue attire then Baba Nanak went to Mecca.
He held staff in his hand, pressed a book under his armpit, caught hold of a metal pot and mattress.
Now he sat in a mosque where the pilgrms (hajis) had gathered.
When Baba (Nanak) slept in the night spreading his legs towards the alcove of mosque at Kaba,
the qazi named Jivan kicked him and asked who was this infidel enacting blasphemy.
Why this sinner is sleeping his legs spread towards God, Khuda.
Catching hold of the legs he lynched (Baba Nanak) and lo and behold the miracle, the whole of Mecca seemed to be revolving.
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