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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 3 (Grandeur of human birth)

cOrwsIh l`K jon ivc au`qm jnm su mwxs dyhI]
AKI vyKn krn sunx muK SuB boln bcn snyhI]
hQIN kwr kmwvnI pYrI cl siqsMg imlyhI]
ikrq ivrq kr Drm dI K`t Kvwln kwr kryhI]
gurmuK jnm skwrQw gurbwxI pVH smJ snyhI]
gur BweI sMquSt kr crnwimRq lY muK ipvyhI]
pYrI pvn n CofIAY klI kwl rihrws kryhI]
Awp qry gur isK qryhI ]ó]

Pauri 3 (Manukh janam di utamata)
chuuraaseeh luukh jon vich outhum junum s maanus dhaehee||
akhee vaekhun kurun sunun mukh shubh bolun buchun sunaehee||
huthhee kaar kumaavunee pairee chul sathisu(n)g milaehee||
kiruth viruth kur dhhurum dhee khuutt khuvaalun kaar kuraehee||
gurumukh junum sukaaruthhaa gurubaanee purru sumujh sunaehee||
gur bhaaee su(n)thushutt kur churunaamrith lai mukh pivaehee||
pairee puvun n shhoddeeai kulee kaal rehiraas kuraehee||
aap thurae gur sikh thuraehee ||u||

Pauri 3 (Grandeur of human birth)
Of the eighty four lacs life classes, birth as a human is the best.
Eyes behold, ears listen to and the mouth speaks sweet words.
Hands earn livelihood and feet take towards the holy congregation.
In human life alone by the rightful earning, out of one's savings, other needy ones
are fed.
Man by becoming gurmukh- Guru oriented, makes his life meaningful; he reads Gurbani and makes others understand (the importance of) bani. He satisfies his companions and takes the holy water touched by their feet i.e. he inculcates complete humility.
Humblytouching of the feet should not be repudiated because in the dark age, this quality is the only asset (of the human personality).
People of such a conduct will swim the world-ocean and also get along other disciples of the Guru
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