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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 13 (Vaisesik)

byd AQrbx mQn kr gurmuK bwSyKk gux gwvY]
jyhw bIjY so luxY smyN ibnW Pl h`iQ n AwvY]
hukmY AMdir sB ko mMnY hukm su shj smwvY]
Awphu kCU n hoveI burw Blw nih mMin vswvY]
jYsw kry qYsw lhY irKI kxwidk BwK suxwvY]
siqjug kw AinAwauN sux iek PyVy sB jgq mrwvY]
qRyqy ngrI pIVIAY duAwpr vMs kuvMs kuhwvY]
kiljug jo PyVy so pwvY ]ñó]

baedh athhurubun muthhun kur gurumukh baashaekhuk gun gaavai||
jaehaa beejai so lunai sumae binaa(n) ful huathh n aavai||
hukumai a(n)dhar subh ko mu(n)nai hukum s sehuj sumaavai||
aapuhu kushhoo n hovee buraa bhulaa nehi mu(n)n vusaavai||
jaisaa kurae thaisaa lehai rikhee kunaadhik bhaakh sunaavai||
sathijug kaa aniaao sun eik faerrae subh juguth muraavai||
thraethae nuguree peerreeai dhuaapur vu(n)s kuvu(n)s kuhaavai||
kalijug jo faerrae so paavai ||uu||

By churning of the Athatvaveda, the guru-oriented (Kanad) in his Vaisesik recited about gunas, the qualities (of the matter).
He produced the theory of sowing and reaping(giving and taking) and told that at appropriate time only, one would attain the fruit.
Everything operates in His divine will, hukam(to which he calls apurva) and whosoever accepts the divine-will stablizes his self in equanimity.
The jiva must understand that nothing happens of its own (and our ownselves are responsible for our good or bad actions) and hence nobody as good or bad should be lodged in mind.
Rishi Kanad has said that as you sow, so shall you reap.
Listen to the injustice of the satyug that only because of a single evil-doer the whole world would suffer.
In the treta, the whole city suffered because of one evil-doer and in dvapar this suffering was limited to the one family and the family underwent the igominy.
But in the kaliyug only he suffers who commits evil deed. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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