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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 5 (The Yugs)

cwr jug kr Qwpxw siqjug qRyqw duAwpur swjy]
cOQw kljug QwipAw cwr vrn cwroN ky rwjy]
bhmx CqRI vYS sUdR jug jug eyko vrn ibrwjy]
siqjug hMs Aauqwr Dr sohMbRhm n dUjw pwjy]
eyko bRhm vKwxIAY moh mwieAw qy bymuhqwjy]
krn qp`sXw bn ivKy vKq gujwrn ipMnI swgy]
lK virHAW dI Awrjw koTy kot n mMdr swjy]
iek ibnsy iek AsiQr gwjy ]õ]

chaar jug kur thhaapunaa sathijug thraethaa dhuaapur saajae||
chuuthhaa kulujug thhaapiaa chaar vurun chaaro kae raajae||
behumun shhuthree vaish soodhr jug jug eaeko vurun biraajae||
sathijug hu(n)s aouthaar dhhur sohu(n)brehum n dhoojaa paajae||
eaeko brehum vukhaaneeai moh maaeiaa thae baemuhuthaajae||
kurun thupuusuyaa bun vikhae vukhuth gujaarun pi(n)nee saagae||
lukh varaiaa(n) dhee aarujaa kot(h)ae kott n mu(n)dhur saajae||
eik binusae eik asathhir gaajae ||u||

The four Ages (yugs) were established and the first three were given names Satyug, Treta, Dvapar. Fourth one was Kaliyug.
And four castes came to be known as the kings of four ages. Brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya and sudhra became predominate in each age.
In Satiyug, Vishnu is said to have come to earth as Hansavaar and explained the problems pertaining to
metaphysics (The story is there in the eleventh canto of the Bhagvat Purana), and nothing but one soham-Brahm was discussed and pondered upon.
Getting indifferent to maya, people would praise one Lord.
They would go to forests and pull on life by eating natural vegetations.
Though they lived for lacs of years but they would construct the palaces, forts and grand mansions.
On the one hand the world was passing away and on the other the life current would go stably.

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