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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 11 (Vedanta)

isAwm vyd kau soD kr mQ vydWq ibAws suxwXw]
kQnI bdnI bwihrw Awpy Awpn bRhm jxwXw]
ndrI iksy n ilAwveI haumYN AMdr Brm BulwXw]
Awp pujwie jgq ivc Bwau Bgq dw mrm n pwXw]
iqRpiq n AwvI vyd miQ AgnI AMdir qpq qpwXw]
mwXw dMf n auq`ry jm dMfy bhu duK rUAwXw]
nwrd mun aupdyisAw mQ Bgvq gux gIq krwXw]
ibn srnI nih koie qrwXw ]ññ]

siaam vaedh ko sodhh kur muthh vaedhaa(n)th biaas sunaayaa||
kuthhunee budhunee baahiraa aapae aapun brehum junaayaa||
nudhuree kisae n liaavee houmai a(n)dhur bhurum bhulaayaa||
aap pujaae juguth vich bhaao bhuguth dhaa murum n paayaa||
thripath n aavee vaedh mathh agunee a(n)dhar thuputh thupaayaa||
maayaa dhu(n)dd n outhuurae jum dhu(n)ddae buhu dhukh rooaayaa||
naarudh mun oupudhaesiaa muthh bhuguvuth gun geeth kuraayaa||
bin surunee nehi koe thuraayaa ||uu||

Vyas (Badarayan) recited Vedanta (sutras) after churning and researching the thought frame of the Samaveda.
He put up before the self (atman) as identical to indescribable Brahm.
He in invisible and the jiv wanders hither and thither in its delusions of self conceit.
By establishing the self as the Brahm he is in fact established one's own self as worthy of worship and therefore remained unknown to the mysteries of loving devotion.
Churning of the Vedas could not obtain peace for him and he started scorching one and all in the heat of is ego.
The rod of maya always hung over his head and he suffered extremely because of the constant fear of the Yama, the god of death.
Having obtained knowledge from Narad, he recited Bhagvat and thus eulogised God.
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