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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri46 Guru Amar Das

so itkw so CqR isr soeI scw qKq itkweI]
gur nwnk hMdI mohr hQ gur AMgd dI dohI iPrweI]
id`qw C`f krqwrpur bYT KfUry joiq jgweI]
jMmy pUrb bIijAw ivc ivc hor kUVI cqrweI]
lihxy pweI nwnkoN dyxI Amrdws Gr AweI]
gur bYTw Amr srUp ho gurmuK pweI dwq ielwhI]
Pyr vswXw goNdvwl Acrj Kyl n liKAw jweI]
dwiq joq KsmY vifAweI ]ôö]

so ttikaa so shhuthr sir soee suchaa thukhuth ttikaaee||
gur naanuk hu(n)dhee mohur huthh gur a(n)gudh dhee dhohee firaaee||
dhthiaa shhuudd kuruthaarupur bait(h) khuddoorae joth jugaaee||
ju(n)mae poorub beejiaa vich vich hor koorree chuthuraaee||
lehinae paaee naanuko dhaenee amurudhaas ghur aaee||
gur bait(h)aa amur suroop ho gurumukh paaee dhaath eilaahee||
faer vusaayaa godhuvaal achuruj khael n lakhiaa jaaee||
dhaath joth khusumai vaddiaaee ||uu||

With the same mark (on the forehead), the same canopy he radiated on the Throne.
The power Guru Nanak had is now with Guru Angad was publically proclaimed all around.
Guru Angad left Kartarpur and scattered his light while sitting at Khadur.
Action seeds of the previous births sprout; all other ingenuinities are false.
Whatever Lahina got from Guru Nanak now came to the house of (Guru) Amar Das.
Having received the celestial gift from Guru Angad, the Guru, in the form of Amar Das is seated.
Guru Amar Das founded Goindval. The wondorous play could was beyond sight.
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