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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri39 Sivratri fair at Batala

mylw sux iSvrwq dw bwbw Acl vtwly AweI]
drSn vyKx kwrny sglI ault peI lokweI]
lgI brsn lCmI irD isD nau iniD svweI]
jogI vyK cilqR noN mn ivc irSk GnyrI KweI]
BgqIAW pweI Bgq Awn lotw jogI lieAw CpweI]
BgqIAW geI Bgq bUl loty AMdr surq BulweI]
bwbw jwxI jwx purK kiFAw lotw jhW lukweI]
vyK cilqR jogI KuxsweI ]óù]

maelaa sun shivuraath dhaa baabaa achul vuttaalae aaee||
dhurushun vaekhun kaarunae sugulee oulutt pee lokaaee||
lugee burusun lushhumee ridhh sidhh no nidhh suvaaee||
jogee vaekh chalithr no mun vich rishuk ghunaeree khaaee||
bhugutheeaaa(n) paaee bhuguth aan lottaa jogee laeiaa shhupaaee||
bhugutheeaaa(n) gee bhuguth bool lottae a(n)dhur suruth bhulaaee||
baabaa jaanee jaan purukh kadtiaa lottaa jehaa(n) lukaaee||
vaekh chalithr jogee khunusaaee ||uu||

Hearing about the Sivratri fair, Baba (Nanak) came to Achal Batala.
To have his glimpse the whole humanity swarmed the place.
More than riddhis and siddhis, the money started pouring in like rain.
Seeing this miracle, the yogis’ anger was aroused.
When some of the devotees paid obeisance (before Guru Nanak), the yogis’ ire deepened and they hid their metal pot.
The devotees having lost their pot forgot their devotion because their attention now was in the pot.
The omniscient Baba discovered (and handed over) the pot (to devotees).
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