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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri22 Justice of Waheguru,God

cwry j`gy chu jugI pMcwiex pRB Awpy hoAw]
Awpy p`tI klm Awp Awpy ilKxhwrw hoAw]
bwJ gurU AMDyr hY Kih Kih mrdy bhu ibD loAw]
vriqAw pwp jg`qR qy Daul aufIxw insidn roAw]
bwJ dieAw bl hIx ho in`Gr cly rswql toAw]
KVw iek qy pYr qy pwp sMg bhu Bwrw hoAw]
QMmy koie n swD ibn swD n id`sY jg ivc koAw]
Drm DOl pukwrY qly KVoAw ]òò]

chaarae juugae chuhu jugee pu(n)chaaein prubh aapae hoaa||
aapae puuttee kulum aap aapae likhunehaaraa hoaa||
baajh guroo a(n)dhhaer hai khehi khehi murudhae buhu bidhh loaa||
vurathiaa paap juguuthr thae dhhoul ouddeenaa nisadhin roaa||
baajh dhaeiaa bul heen ho nghir chulae rusaathul ttoaa||
khurraa eik thae pair thae paap su(n)g buhu bhaaraa hoaa||
thhu(n)mae koe n saadhh bin saadhh n dhsiai jug vich koaa||
dhhurum dhhuul pukaarai thulae khurroaa ||uu||

God himself is the justice for the disputes about the duties of the four Ages.
He himself id the paper, the pen and the scribe.
Without Guru is all darkness and people are killing one another.
The sin pervades all around and the (mythological) ox supporting the earth is weeping and wailing day and night.
Without compassion, getting unnerved, it is descending towards nether world to get lost.
Standing on one foot, it is feeling the load of sins.
Now this earth cannot be upheld without the saints and no saint is available in the world.
Religion in the form of ox is crying beneath. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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