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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri40 Discussion with the siddhs

KwDI Kuxs jogISrW gost krn sBy auT AweI]
puCy jogI BMgR nwQ quih duD ivc ikauN kWjI pweI]
iPit Aw cwtw duD dw irVikAW mKx hQ n AweI]
ByK auwqr audws dw vq ikauN sMswrI rIq clweI]
nwnk AwKy BMgRnwQ qyrI mwau kuc`jI AweI]
BWfw Doie n jwiqEn Bwie kucjy Pul sVweI]
hoie AqIq igRhsq qj iPr aunhUMky Gr mMgn jweI]
ibn idqy ikC hQ n AweI ]ôú]

khaadhhee khunus jogeeshuraa(n) gosutt kurun subhae out(h) aaee||
pushhae jogee bhu(n)gr naathh thuhi dhudhh vich kio kaa(n)jee paaee||
fitt aa chaattaa dhudhh dhaa rirrakiaaa(n) mukhun huthh n aaee||
bhaekh ouaathur oudhaas dhaa vuth kio su(n)saaree reeth chulaaee||
naanuk aakhae bhu(n)grunaathh thaeree maao kuchuujee aaee||
bhaa(n)ddaa dhhoe n jaathioun bhaae kuchujae ful surraaee||
hoe atheeth grihusuth thuj fir ounehoo(n)kae ghur mu(n)gun jaaee||
bin dhithae kishh huthh n aaee ||uu||

All the yogis getting irritated grouped together and came forward to have a debate.
Yogi Bhangar Nath asked, (Why have you put vinegar in milk?)
The spoiled milk cannot be churned into butter.
How have you put off yogic garb and attired yourself in a household way.
Said Nanak, (O Bhangar Nath, your mother-teacher is unmannerly)
She has not cleansed the innerself of your body-pot and your clumpsy thoughts have burnt your flower (of knowledge which was to become fruit).
You, while distancing and repudiating house hold life, go again to those householders for begging.
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