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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 18 Ahalya and Gautam

goqm nwr AihilAw iqsnoN dyK ieMdR loBwxw]
pr gr jwie srwp lY hoie shs Bg pCoqwxw]
suMw hoAw ieMdRlok luikAw srvr mn Srmwxw]
shs Bghu loiex shs lYNdoeI ieMdRpurI isDwxw]
sqI sqhuM tl islw hoie ndI iknwry bwJ prwxw]
rGupiq crx CuhMidAw clI surgpur bxy ibbwxw]
Bgq vCl BlÎweIAhuM piqq auDwrx pwp kmwxw]
guxnoN gux sBko krY Aaugx kIqy gux iqs jwxw]
Aivgq giq ikAw AwK vKwxw ]ñø]

gothum naar ahiliaa thisuno dhaekh ei(n)dhr lobhaanaa||
pur gur jaae suraap lai hoe sehus bhug pushhothaanaa||
su(n)n(j)aa hoaa ei(n)dhrulok lukiaa suruvur mun shurumaanaa||
sehus bhuguhu loein sehus laidhoee ei(n)dhrupuree sidhhaanaa||
suthee suthuhu(n) ttul silaa hoe nudhee kinaarae baajh puraanaa||
rughupath churun shhuhu(n)dhiaa chulee surugupur bunae bibaanaa||
bhuguth vushhul bhuluaaeeahu(n) pathith oudhhaarun paap kumaanaa||
gununo gun subhuko kurai aougun keethae gun this jaanaa||
aviguth gath kiaa aakh vukhaanaa ||uu||


Ahalya was wife of Gautam. But when she set eyes Indhar, the king of gods, lust overpowered her.
He entered their house, got curse of being with thousands of pudendums and repented.
The Indralok (abode of Indr) became desolate and getting ashamed of himself he hid in a pond.
On revocation of the curse when all those holes became eyes, only then he returned to his habitat.
Ahalya who could not remain steadfast in her chastity became stone and remained lying on the river bank
Touching the (holy) feet of Ram she was lifted to the heavens.
Because of His benevolence He is mother-like to the devotees and being forgiver of the sinners He is called redeemer of the fallen ones.
Doing good is returned by good gestures always, but he who does good to the evil is known as virtuous.
How can I explain the greatness of that unmanifest (Lord).

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