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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri36 Manifest power

puCy pIr qkrwr kr eyh PkIr vfw AwqweI]
eyQy ivc bgdwd dy vfI krwmwq idKlweI]
pwqwlW AwkwS lK EVk BwlI Kbr su sweI]
Pyr durwiex dsqgIr AsI iB vyKW jo quih pweI]
nwl lIqw bytw pIr dw AKIN mIt igAw hvweI]
lK AkwS pqwl lK AK Purk ivc sB idKlweI]
Br kckOl pRSwd dw DuroN pqwloN leI kVweI]
zwhr klw n CpY CpweI ]óö]

pushhae peer thukuraar kur eaeh fukeer vuddaa aathaaee||
eaethhae vich bugudhaadh dhae vuddee kuraamaath dhikhulaaee||
paathaalaa(n) aakaash lukh ourruk bhaalee khubur s saaee||
faer dhuraaein dhusuthugeer asee bh vaekhaa(n) jo thuhi paaee||
naal leethaa baettaa peer dhaa akhee meett giaa huvaaee||
lukh akaash puthaal lukh akh furuk vich subh dhikhulaaee||
bhur kuchukuul prushaadh dhaa dhhuro puthaalo lee kurraaee||
zaahur kulaa n shhupai shhupaaee ||uu||

The pir dabated and came to know that this faquir is much more powerful.
Here in Baghdad he has shown a great miracle.
Meanwhile he (Baba Nanak) talked about myriads of netherworlds and skies.
Pir Dastegir asked (the Baba) to show him whatever he had seen.
Guru Nanak Dev taking along with him the son of the pir, melted into thin air.
And in a wink of eye visualized him the upper and lower worlds.
From the nether world he brought a bowl full of sacred food and handed it over to pir.
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