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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

    Pauri 10 (Mimansa)

iPr jYmn irK boilAw jujrvyd mQ kQw suxwvY]
krmW auqy inbVy dyhI m`D kry so pwvY]
Qwpis krm sMswr ivc krm vws kr AwvY jwvY]
shsw mnhu n cukeI krmW AMdr Brm BulwvY]
Brm vr`qx jgq kI ieko mwXw bRhm khwvY]
jujr vyd ko mQn kr q`q bRhm ivc Brm BulwvY]
krm idVwie jgq ivc krm bMD kr AwvY jwvY]
siqgur ibnw n shsw jwvY ]ñú]

fir jaimun rikh boliaa jujuruvaedh muthh kuthhaa sunaavai||
kurumaa(n) outhae niburrae dhaehee muudhh kurae so paavai||
thhaapas kurum su(n)saar vich kurum vaas kur aavai jaavai||
sehusaa munuhu n chukee kurumaa(n) a(n)dhur bhurum bhulaavai||
bhurum vuruuthun juguth kee eiko maayaa brehum kehaavai||
jujur vaedh ko muthhun kur thuuth brehum vich bhurum bhulaavai||
kurum dhirraae juguth vich kurum bu(n)dhh kur aavai jaavai||
sathigur binaa n sehusaa jaavai ||uu||

Pondering deeply over the Yajurveda, rishi Jaimini putforth his postulates.
Ultimate decision will be arrived at according to the actions performed through the body which will reap whatever it has sowed.
He established the theory of karma and explained transmigration as controlled by karma.
Because of its fallacy of ad-infinitum, the doubts are cleared and the jiv goes on wandering in the labyrinth of karmas.
Karma is a practical aspect of the world and the maya and the Brahm are identical.
This school of thought (Shastra) while stirring the ingredients of Yajurveda, mixes delusions with the supreme reality the Brahm,
and establishes strongly the ritualism which further accepts coming in and going from the world as the result of the karma bondage.
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