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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 16 (Activities in Kaliyug)

kiljug kI suD swDnw krm ikrq kI clY n kweI]
ibnW Bjn Bgvwn ky Bwau Bgq ibn TOr n QweI]
lhy kmwxw eyq jug ipClIN jugIN kr kmweI]
pwXw mwns dyh kau AYQoN cuikAw TOr n TweI]
kiljug ky aupkwr sux jYsy byd AQrbx gweI]
Bwau Bgiq prvwxu hY j`g hom qy purb kmweI]
krky nIc sdwvxw qW pRB lyKy AMdr pweI]
kiljug nwvY kI vifAweI ]ñö]

kalijug kee sudhh saadhhunaa kurum kiruth kee chulai n kaaee||
binaa(n) bhujun bhuguvaan kae bhaao bhuguth bin t(h)uur n thhaaee||
lehae kumaanaa eaeth jug pishhulee jugee kur kumaaee||
paayaa maanus dhaeh ko aithho chukiaa t(h)uur n t(h)aaee||
kalijug kae oupukaar sun jaisae baedh athhurubun gaaee||
bhaao bhugath puruvaan hai juug hom thae purub kumaaee||
kurukae neech sudhaavunaa thaa(n) prubh laekhae a(n)dhur paaee||
kalijug naavai kee vaddiaaee ||uu||


Now listen to the discipline of kaliyug wherein nobody cares for the rituals.
Without loving devotion none will get any place anywhere.
Because of the disciplined life in the previous ages, the human form has been obtained in kaliyug.
Now if this opportunity slipped, no occasion and place would be made available.
As has been said in the Atharvaveda, listen to the redeeming features of kaliyug.
Now feeingful devotion only is acceptable; yajna, burnt offering and worship of the human guru was the discipline of the earlier ages.
If somebody now, in spite of being a doer, erases from his self this sense and prefers to be called lowly, only then he can remain in the good books of the Lord.
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