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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri44 Discussion with the siddhs and tour of Multan

bwby kIqI isD goSt Sbd SWiq isDW ivc AweI ]
ijx mylw iSvrwq dw Kt drSn AwdyS krweI]
isD boln SuB bcn DMn nwnk qyrI vfI kmweI]
vfw purK pRgitAw kiljug AMdr joq jgweI]
myilEN bwbw auiTAw mulqwny dI izAwrq jweI]
AgoN pIr mulqwn dy duD ktorw Br lY AweI]
bwby kF kr bgl qy cMbylI du`D ivc imlweI]
ijauN swgr ivc gMg smweI ]ôô]

baabae keethee sidhh goshutt shubudh shaa(n)th sidhhaa(n) vich aaee ||
jin maelaa shivuraath dhaa khutt dhurushun aadhaesh kuraaee||
sidhh bolun shubh buchun dhhu(n)n naanuk thaeree vuddee kumaaee||
vuddaa purukh prugattiaa kalijug a(n)dhur joth jugaaee||
maeliou baabaa out(h)iaa muluthaanae dhee ziaaruth jaaee||
ago peer muluthaan dhae dhudhh kuttoraa bhur lai aaee||
baabae kudt kur bugul thae chu(n)baelee dhudhh vich milaaee||
jio saagur vich gu(n)g sumaaee ||uu||

Baba has discussions with the siddhs and because of th eenergy of the sabad those siddhs attained peace.
Conquering the Sivratri fair Baba made the followers of six philosophies bow.
Now, speaking benign words, the siddhs said, Nanak, your achievement is great.
You, emerging like a greatman in kaliyug have diffused the light (of knowledge) all around.
Getting up from that fair, Baba went to the pilgrimage of Multan.
In Multan, the pir presented a bowl of milk filled up to brims (which means That faquirs here are already in plenty).
Baba took out a jasmine flower from his bag and floated it on the milk (which meant that he wa not going to put anybody to trouble).
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