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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri28 Journey to Summer mountain

bwby ifTI iprQmI nvY KMf ijQY qk AwhI]
iPr jw cVy sumyr pr isD mMflI idRStI AweI]
cOrwsIh isD gorKwid mn AMdr gxqI vrqweI]
isD pu`Cn sun bwilAw kOn Skq quih eyQy ilAweI]
hauN jipAw prmySro Bwau Bgq sMg qwVI lweI]
AwKx isD sux bwilAw Apxw nW qum dyhu bqweI ]
bwbw AwKy nwQ jI nwnk nwm jpy gq pweI]
nIc khwie aUc Gr AweI ]òø]

baabae ddit(h)ee piruthhumee nuvai khu(n)dd jithhai thuk aahee||
fir jaa churrae sumaer pur sidhh mu(n)ddulee dhrishuttee aaee||
chuuraaseeh sidhh gorukhaadh mun a(n)dhur gunuthee vuruthaaee||
sidhh pushhun sun baaliaa kuun shukuth thuhi eaethhae liaaee||
ho japiaa purumaeshuro bhaao bhuguth su(n)g thaarree laaee||
aakhun sidhh sun baaliaa apunaa naa(n) thum dhaehu buthaaee ||
baabaa aakhae naathh jee naanuk naam jupae guth paaee||
neech kehaae ooch ghur aaee ||uu||

Baba Nanak visualized all the expansive nine divisions of the earth.
Then he climbed up to the Sumer mountain where he came across a group of siddhs.
The mind of the eighty four siddhs and Gorakh filled with surprise and doubts.
Siddhas asked (Guru Nanak), (O young boy! Which power brought you here?)
Guru Nanak replied that for coming to this place (I have remembered the Lord with loving devotion and meditated upon Him deeply.)
Siddhs said, (O young man, tell us your name).
Baba replied, (O respected Nath! This Nanak has attained this position through rememberance of the name of the Lord).
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