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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 6 (As above)

qRyqy C`qRI rUp Dr sUrj bMsI bf Avqwrw]
nauN ihsy geI Awrjw mwXw moh AhMkwr pswrw]
duAwpur jwdv vys kr jug jug AauD GtY Awcwrw]
irgbyd mihM bRhmikRq pUrb muK SuB krm ibcwrw]
KqRI Qwpy jujr vyd dKx muK bhu dwn dwqwrw]
vYsoN QwipAw isAwm vyd pCm muK kr sIs invwrw]
irg nIlµbr jujr pIq svyyqMbr kr isAwm suDwrw]
iqRhu jugIN qRY Drm aucwrw ]ö]

thraethae shhuuthree roop dhhur sooruj bu(n)see budd avuthaaraa||
no hisae gee aarujaa maayaa moh ahu(n)kaar pusaaraa||
dhuaapur jaadhuv vaes kur jug jug aoudhh ghuttai aachaaraa||
rigubaedh mehi(n) brehumakrith poorub mukh shubh kurum bichaaraa||
khuthree thhaapae jujur vaedh dhukhun mukh buhu dhaan dhaathaaraa||
vaiso thhaapiaa siaam vaedh pushhum mukh kur sees nivaaraa||
rig neelu(n)bur jujur peeth suvaeaethu(n)bur kur siaam sudhhaaraa||
thrihu jugee thrai dhhurum ouchaaraa ||u||

In Treta in the Sun-dynasty descended in the form of the kshatriya(Ram) a great incarnation.
Now the nine portions of age lessened and illusion,attachment and ego inflated.
In Dvapar, Yadav-dynasty came to the forefront i.e. the incarnation of Krsna became known to the people; but because of the lack of good conduct, Age by Age, the life span(of man) went on decreasing.
In the Rgveda the conduct of the brahmin and the ideas about the actions done facing the East were discussed.
Kshatriyas became related to the Yajurveda and started pouring charities while facing the South.
The vaishyas embraced the Samaveda and bowed to the West.
Blue dress for Rgveda, yellow for Yajurveda and for singing of the hymns of Samaveda wearing of the white dress became a tradition.
Thus three duties of the three Ages were enunciated. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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