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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 17 Ravidas

Bgq Bgq jg vijAw chuM ckW dy ivc cmrytw]
pwxw gMFy rwh ivc kulw Drm Foie For smytw]
ijauN kr mYly cIQVy hIrw lwl Amol plytw]
chuM vrnW aupdyS dw gÎwn DÎwn kr Bgq shytw]
nHwvx AwXw sMg iml bwnwrs kr gMgw Qytw]
kF ksIrw sauNipAw rivdwsY gMgw dI Bytw]
lgw purb ABIc dw ifTw cilq Acrj Awmytw]
lieAw ksIrw hQ kF sUq iek ijauN qwxw pytw]
Bgq jnW hir mW ipau bytw ]ñ÷]

bhuguth bhuguth jug vajiaa chuhu(n) chukaa(n) dhae vich chumuraettaa||
paanaa gu(n)dtae raah vich kulaa dhhurum dtoe dtor sumaettaa||
jio kur mailae cheethhurrae heeraa laal amol pulaettaa||
chuhu(n) vurunaa(n) oupudhaesh dhaa guaan dhhuaan kur bhuguth sehaettaa||
nuaavun aayaa su(n)g mil baanaarus kur gu(n)gaa thhaettaa||
kudt kuseeraa soupiaa ravidhaasai gu(n)gaa dhee bhaettaa||
lugaa purub abheech dhaa ddit(h)aa chalith achuruj aamaettaa||
laeiaa kuseeraa huthh kudt sooth eik jio thaanaa paettaa||
bhuguth junaa(n) har maa(n) pio baettaa ||uu||


The tanner (Ravidas) became renowned as bhagat (saint) in all the four directions.
In accordance with his family tradition he would cobble the shoes and carry away the dead animals.
This was his outward routine but in reality he was a gem wrapped in rags.
He would preach all the four varnas (castes). His preaching made them rapt in the meditative devotion for the Lord.
Once, a group of people went to Kasi (Varanasi) to have their sacred dip in the Ganges.
Ravidas gave one dhela (half a pice) to one member and asked him to offer it to the Ganges.
A great festival of Abhijit naksatr (star) was on there where the public saw this wonderful episode.
Ganges, herself taking out her hand accepted that paltry amount, dhela, and proved that Ravidas was one with Ganges as warp and weft.
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