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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri19 Valmiki

vwty mwxs mwrdw bYTw bwlmIk btvwVw]
pUrw siqgur syivAw mn ivc hoAw iKMjoqwVw]
mwrx noN locY Gxw kF n hMGY h`Q auGwVw]
siqgur mnUAw riKAw hoie n AwvY auCohwVw]
Aaugx sB prgwisAnu rozgwru hY ieh AswVw]
Gr ivc puCx GilAw AMqkwl hY koie AswVw]
koVmVw cauKMnIAY koie n bylI krdy JwVw]
sc idRVwie auDwirAnu tp inkQw aupr vwVw]
gurmuK lµGy pwp phwVw ]ñù]

vaattae maanus maarudhaa bait(h)aa baalumeek buttuvaarraa||
pooraa sathigur saeviaa mun vich hoaa khi(n)jothaarraa||
maarun no lochai ghunaa kudt n hu(n)ghai huuthh oughaarraa||
sathigur munooaa rakhiaa hoe n aavai oushhohaarraa||
aougun subh purugaasian rozugaar hai eih asaarraa||
ghur vich pushhun ghaliaa a(n)thukaal hai koe asaarraa||
korrumurraa choukhu(n)neeai koe n baelee kurudhae jhaarraa||
such dhrirraae oudhhaarian ttup nikuthhaa oupur vaarraa||
gurumukh lu(n)ghae paap pehaarraa ||uu||

Valmeel was a highwayman Valmiki who would rob and kill travellers passing by.
Then he began serving the true Guru, Now his mind became diffident about his work.
His mind still urged to kill people but his hands would not obey.
The true Guru made his mind tranquil and all the volition of mind came to an end.
He unfolded all the evils of mind before the Guru and said, ‘O Lord, this is a profession for me.’
The Guru asked him to enquire at home as to which family members would be co-partner him of his evil deeds at death.
But although his family were always ready to be sacrifice unto him, none of them were ready to accept responsibility.
On returning, the Guru placed the sermon of truth within his heart and made him a liberated one. With a single leap he was released from the net of worldliness.
Becoming gurmukh, one becomes capable of jumping across mountains of sins. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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