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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri26 Erstwhile condition

jq sqI icr jIvxy swiDk is`D nwQ gur cyly]
dyvI dyv rKISrW BYroN KyqR pwl bhu myly]
gx gMDrb ApSrW ikMnr j`C cilq bhu Kyly]
rwkS dwno dYNq lK AMdr dUjw Bwau duhyly]
haumYN AMdr sBko fuby gurU sxyN bhu cyly]
gurmuK koie n idseI FUMfy qIrQ jwqRI myly]
FUMfy ihMdU qurk sB pIr pYkMbr kauim kqyly]
AMDI AMDy KUhy Tyly ]òö]

juth suthee chir jeevunae saadhhik sdhh naathh gur chaelae||
dhaevee dhaev rukheeshuraa(n) bhairo khaethr paal buhu maelae||
gun gu(n)dhhurub apushuraa(n) ki(n)nur juushh chalith buhu khaelae||
raakush dhaano dhaith lukh a(n)dhur dhoojaa bhaao dhuhaelae||
houmai a(n)dhur subhuko ddubae guroo sunae buhu chaelae||
gurumukh koe n dhisee dtoo(n)ddae theeruthh jaathree maelae||
dtoo(n)ddae hi(n)dhoo thuruk subh peer paiku(n)bur koum kuthaelae||
a(n)dhhee a(n)dhhae khoohae t(h)aelae ||uu||

Celebates, ascetics, immortal anchorites, the siddhs, naths and teacher- taughts were available in abundance.
Many varieties of gods, goddesses, munis, bhairavs and other protectors were there.
In the name of ganas, gandharvs, fairies, kinnars and yaksas, many dragnets and dramas were enacted.
Seeing raksasas, demons, daitys in their imagination, people were totally in the clutches of duality.
All were engrossed with ego and the taughts were getting drowned alongwith their teachers.
Even after minute research, the guru-oriented were nowhere to be found.
All the sects, pirs, paigambars of the Hindus and Muslims were seen (by Baba Nanak).
Blinds were pushing the blinds into well. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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