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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri29 Discussion with the Siddhs

iPr pu`Cx isD nwnkw mwq lok ivc ikAw vrqwrw]
sB isDIN eyh buiJAw kil qwrx nwnk Avqwrw]
bwby kihAw nwQ jI s`c cMdRmw kUV AMDwrw]
kUV Amwvs vriqAw hauN Bwlx ciVAw sMswrw]
pwp igrwsI iprQmI DOl KVw Dr hyT pukwrw]
isD Cp bYTy prbqIN kOx jg kau pwr auqwrw]
jogI igAwn ivhUixAW insidn AMg lgwien Cwrw]
bwJ gurU fu`bw jg swrw ]òù]
fir pushhun sidhh naanukaa maath lok vich kiaa vuruthaaraa||
subh sidhhee eaeh bujhiaa kal thaarun naanuk avuthaaraa||
baabae kehiaa naathh jee suuch chu(n)dhrumaa koorr a(n)dhhaaraa||
koorr amaavus vurathiaa ho bhaalun charriaa su(n)saaraa||
paap giraasee piruthhumee dhhuul khurraa dhhur haet(h) pukaaraa||
sidhh shhup bait(h)ae purubuthee kuun jug ko paar outhaaraa||
jogee giaan vihooniaaa(n) nisadhin a(n)g lugaaein shhaaraa||
baajh guroo ddubaa jug saaraa ||uu||

Siddhs again asked, (O Nanak! How are the dealings on mother earth?).
By this time all the siddhs understood that Nanak had come to earth to deliver it from the (sins of) kaliyug.
Baba replied, (O respected Nath, the truth is dim like the moon and the falsehood like deep darkness).
The darkness of the moonless night of the falsehood has spread around and I, in order to search for the (truthful) world, have undertaken this journey.
The earth is engrossed with sin and its support, the dharma in the form of ox is crying and wailing (for rescue).
In such circumstances, when siddhs, the adepts, by (becoming repudiators) have taken refuge in the mountains, how the world could get redeemed.
Yogis also bereft of knowledge and simply applying ashes to their bodies are lying down unconcerned.
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