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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri30 Miserable plight of India

kl AweI ku`qy muhI Kwj hoAw murdwr gusweI]
rwjy pwp kmWvdy aultI vwV Kyq kau KweI]
prjw AMDI igAwn ibn kUV kusq muKhu AlweI]
cyly swj vjwieMdy n`cx gurU bhuq ibD BweI]
syvk bYTn GrW ivc gur auT GrIN iqnwVy jweI]
kwzI hoey irSvqI v`FI lYky h`k gvweI]
iesqRI purKw dwm ihq BwvyN Awie ikQwaUN jweI]
vriqAw pwp sBs jg mWhI ]óú]

kul aaee kuthae muhee khaaj hoaa murudhaar gusaaee||
raajae paap kumaa(n)vudhae ouluttee vaarr khaeth ko khaaee||
purujaa a(n)dhhee giaan bin koorr kusuth mukhuhu alaaee||
chaelae saaj vujaaei(n)dhae nuuchun guroo buhuth bidhh bhaaee||
saevuk bait(h)un ghuraa(n) vich gur out(h) ghuree thinaarrae jaaee||
kaazee hoeae rishuvuthee vuudtee laikae huuk guvaaee||
eisuthree purukhaa dhaam hith bhaavae aae kithhaaoo jaaee||
vurathiaa paap subhus jug maa(n)hee ||uu||

O God! in kaliyug , the mentality of the jiv has become like the mouth of dog which always seeks the dead to eat.
The kings are sinning as if the protective fence were itself devouring the (crop in the) field.
Bereft of knowledge, the blind people are uttering falsehood.
Now the gurus are dancing variously to the tunes played by the disciples.
The taughts now sit at home and the teachers go their abodes.
Qazis enjoy bribes and getting the same they have lost their high regards and position.
Man and woman love each other for riches, may they come from anywhere.
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