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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 2(Creation)

pRQmYN sws n mws sn AMD DuMd kC Kbr n pweI]
rkq ibMd kI dyh rc pWc qq kI jVq jVweI]
paux pwxI bYsMqro cOQI DrqI sMg imlweI]
pMc ivc Awkws kr krqw Ctm AidS smweI]
pMc q`q pcIs gux SqR imqR iml dyh bxweI]
KwxI bwxI cilq kr Awvwgaux cirq idKweI]
cOrwsIh l`K jon aupweI ]ò]

Pauri 2 (Jagat utapatti)
pruthhumai saas n maas sun a(n)dhh dhhu(n)dh kushh khubur n paaee||
rukuth bi(n)dh kee dhaeh ruch paa(n)ch thuth kee jurruth jurraaee||
poun paanee baisu(n)thuro chuuthhee dhhuruthee su(n)g milaaee||
pu(n)ch vich aakaas kur kuruthaa shhuttum adhish sumaaee||
pu(n)ch thuuth puchees gun shuthr mithr mil dhaeh bunaaee||
khaanee baanee chalith kur aavaagoun charith dhikhaaee||
chuuraaseeh luukh jon oupaaee ||u||

Pauri 2(Creation)
First of all, when no breath and body was there nothing was visible in the pitch darkness.
The body was created through the blood(of mother) and semen (of father) and the five elements were joined judiciously.
Air, water, fire and earth was put together.
The fifth element sky (void) was kept in between and creator God, the sixth one, invisibly permeated among all.
To create the human body, five elements and twenty five qualities opposite to each other were joined and mixed.
Four life originating mines (egg foetus sweatborn , vegetation) and four speeches(para, pasyanti, madhyama, vaikhari) were assimiliated into each other andthe drama of transmigration was enacted.
Thus eighty four lacs of species were created. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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