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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 20 Islam

bhu vwtIN j`g clIAW jb hI Bey mhMmd Xwrw]
kOm bh`qr sMg kr bhu ibiD bYr ibroD pswrw]
roJy eId nmwJ kr krmI bMd kIAw sMswrw]
pIr pkMbr AOlIAY ZOs kuqb bhu ByK svwrw]
Twkur duAwrY FwihkY iqh TAuVIN msIq auswrw]
mwrn ga grIb DrqI aupr pwp ibQwrw]
kwPr mulhd iermnI rUMmI jMgI duSmn dwrw]
pwpy dw vriqAw vrqwrw ]òú]
buhu vaattee juug chuleeaaa(n) jub hee bheae mehu(n)mudh yaaraa||
kuum behuuthur su(n)g kur buhu bidhh bair birodhh pusaaraa||
rojhae eedh numaajh kur kurumee bu(n)dh keeaa su(n)saaraa||
peer puku(n)bur auleeai g(h)uus kuthub buhu bhaekh suvaaraa||
t(h)aakur dhuaarai dtaahikai thih t(h)uaurree museeth ousaaraa||
maarun gou gureeb dhhuruthee oupur paap bithhaaraa||
kaafur mulehudh eirumunee roo(n)mee ju(n)gee dhushumun dhaaraa||
paapae dhaa vurathiaa vuruthaaraa ||uu||

When varied sects got prevalent, then Muhammad, the beloved of God was born.
The nation got divided into seventy two divisions and many types of enmity and opposition erupted.
The world was bound to roza, id, namaz, etc.
Pirs, paigambars aulias, gaus and qutabs came into being in many countries.
The temples were replaced by mosques.
Less powerful were killed and thus the earth became replete with sin.
Armenians and Rumis were declared apostates (Kafirs) and they were decimated in the Battle fields.
The sin became ubiquitious all around.

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