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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 10
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 11 Namdev

kOm ikqy ipau cilAw nwmdyv noN AwK isDwXw]
Twkur dI syvw krIN duD pIAwvx kih smJwXw]
nwmdyau ieSnwn kr kpl gwie duihkY lY AwXw]
Twkur noN nHwvwlkY crxodk lY iqlk cVHwXw]
hQ joV ibnqI kry duD pIAhu jI goibMd rwXw]
inhcau kr AwrwiDAw hoie dXwl drs idKlwXw]
BrI ktorI nwmdyv lY Twkur noN duD pIAwXw]
gwie mueI jIvwlIEn nwmdyau dw Cpr CwXw]
Pyr dyhurw r`iKEn cwr vrn lY pYrIN pwXw]
Bgq jnW dw krY krwXw ]ññ]
kuum kithae pio chaliaa naamudhaev no aakh sidhhaayaa||
t(h)aakur dhee saevaa kuree dhudhh peeaavun kehi sumujhaayaa||
naamudhaeo eishunaan kur kupul gaae dhuhikai lai aayaa||
t(h)aakur no nuaavaalukai churunodhuk lai thiluk churruaayaa||
huthh jorr binuthee kurae dhudhh peeahu jee gobi(n)dh raayaa||
nihucho kur aaraadhhiaa hoe dhuyaal dhurus dhikhulaayaa||
bhuree kuttoree naamudhaev lai t(h)aakur no dhudhh peeaayaa||
gaae muee jeevaaleeoun naamudhaeo dhaa shhupur shhaayaa||
faer dhaehuraa ruakhioun chaar vurun lai pairee paayaa||
bhuguth junaa(n) dhaa kurai kuraayaa ||uu||

Namdev's father was called to do some work so he called Naamdev.
He told Namdev to serve Thakur, the Lord, with milk.
After taking bath Namdev brought the milk of black-teat cow.
Having bathed the Thakur, he put the water used to wash the Thakur, on his own head.
Now with folded hands he requested the Lord to have milk.
Becoming steadfast in his thoughts when he prayed, the Lord appeared before him in person.
Namdev made Lord drink the full bowl of milk.
On another occasion God brought a dead cow to life and also thatched the hut of Namdev.
On yet another occasion, God rotated the temple (after Naamdev was not allowed entrance) and made all the four castes (varnas) bow at the feet of Namdev.
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