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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 10
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 10 Jaidev

pRym Bgiq jYdyau kr gIq goibMd shj Duin gwvY]
lIlHw cilq vKwxdw AMqr jwmI Twkur BwvY]
A`Kr iek n AwvVY pusqk bMn sMiDAw kr AwvY]
gux inDwn Gr AwiekY Bgq rUp ilK lyK bnwvY]
AKr pVH prqIq kr huie ivsmwd n AMg smwvY]
vyKy jwie aujwV ivc ibrK iek Awcrj suhwvY]
gIq goibMd spUrxo pq pqu iliKAw Amqu n pwvY]
Bgq hyqu prgws kr hoie dieAwl imlY gl lwvY]
sMq Anµq n Byd gxwvY ]ñú]

praem bhugath jaidhaeo kur geeth gobi(n)dh sehuj dhhun gaavai||
leeluaa chalith vukhaanudhaa a(n)thur jaamee t(h)aakur bhaavai||
aukhur eik n aavurrai pusuthuk bu(n)n su(n)dhhiaa kur aavai||
gun nidhhaan ghur aaeikai bhuguth roop likh laekh bunaavai||
akhur purru purutheeth kur hue visumaadh n a(n)g sumaavai||
vaekhae jaae oujaarr vich birukh eik aachuruj suhaavai||
geeth gobi(n)dh supooruno puth puth likhiaa amuth n paavai||
bhuguth haeth purugaas kur hoe dhaeiaal milai gul laavai||
su(n)th anu(n)th n bhaedh gunaavai ||uu||

Getting immersed in the loving devotion, the devotee Jaidev would sing the songs of the Lord (Govind).
He would describe the glorious feats accomplished by God and was greatly loved by him.
He (Jaidev) knew no would and hence binding his book would return home in the evening.
God, the repository of all virtues in the form of the devotee Himself wrote all the songs for him.
Jaidev would get elated seeing and reading those words.
Jaidev saw a wonderful tree in the deep forest.
Each and every leaf had the songs of the Lord Govind written on it. He could not understand this mystery.
Due to the love for the devotee, God embraced him in person.
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