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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 10
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 8 Draupadi

AMdr sBw duswsnY mQY vwl dRopqI AWdI]
dUqW no PurmwieAw nµgI krhu pMcwlI bWdI]
pMjy pWfo vyKdy AauGt ruDI nwir ijnW dI]
AKIN mIt iDAwn Dr hwhw ikRSn kry ivllWdI]
kpV kot auswirEn Qky dUq n pwr vsWdI]
hQ mroVn isr Duxin pCoqwn krn jwh jWdI]
Gr AweI Twkur imly pYj rhI boly SrmWdI]
nwQ AnwQW bwx DurWdI ]ø]
a(n)dhur subhaa dhusaasunai muthhai vaal dhroputhee aaa(n)dhee||
dhoothaa(n) no furumaaeiaa nu(n)gee kuruhu pu(n)chaalee baa(n)dhee||
pu(n)jae paa(n)ddo vaekhudhae aoughutt rudhhee naar jinaa(n) dhee||
akhee meett dhhiaan dhhur haahaa krishun kurae vilulaa(n)dhee||
kupurr kott ousaarioun thhukae dhooth n paar vusaa(n)dhee||
huthh murorrun sir dhhunan pushhothaan kurun jaah jaa(n)dhee||
ghur aaee t(h)aakur milae paij rehee bolae shurumaa(n)dhee||
naathh anaathhaa(n) baan dhhuraa(n)dhee ||u||

Dragging Daropati by the hair, Dusasanai brought her into the assembly.
He commanded his men to strip the maidservant Dropati stark naked.
All the five Pandavs who she was the wife of, beheld this.
Crying, totally dejected and helpless, she closed her eyes. Single-mindedly she invoked Krishna for help.
The servants were taking off the clothes from her body but more layers of clothes formed a fort around her; the servants got tired but the layers of clothes were never ending.
The servants were now writhing and frustrated on their abortive attempt and felt that they themselves were ashamed.
On reaching home, Dropati was asked by Lord Krishna whether she was saved in the assembly.
She shyly replied, “Since perennial times you are living up to your reputation of being father of the fatherless ones.” will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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