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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 10
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 4 Ambaris

AMbrIk muih vrq hY rwq peI durbwSw AwXw]
BIVw Es aupwrxw auh auT nHwvx ndI isDwXw]
crxodk lY poiKAw Eh srwp dyx noN DwXw]
ckR sudrSn kwl rUp hoie BIhwvl grb gvwXw]
bRwhmx BMnw jIau lY rK n hMGn dyv sbwXw]
ieMdRlok iSvlok qj bRhm lok bYkuMT qjwXw]
dyviqAW Bgvwn sx isK dyie sBnW smJwXw]
Awie pieAw srnwgqI mwrIdw AMbrIk CfwXw]
Bgq vCl jg ibrd sdwXw ]ô]
a(n)bureek muhi vuruth hai raath pee dhurubaashaa aayaa||
bheerraa ous oupaarunaa ouh out(h) nuaavun nudhee sidhhaayaa||
churunodhuk lai pokhiaa ouh suraap dhaen no dhhaayaa||
chukr sudhurushun kaal roop hoe bheehaavul gurub guvaayaa||
braahumun bhu(n)naa jeeo lai rukh n hu(n)ghun dhaev subaayaa||
ei(n)dhrulok shivulok thuj brehum lok baiku(n)t(h) thujaayaa||
dhaevathiaaa(n) bhuguvaan sun sikh dhaee subhunaa(n) sumujhaayaa||
aae paeiaa surunaaguthee maareedhaa a(n)bureek shhuddaayaa||
bhuguth vushhul jug birudh sudhaayaa ||u||

One evening while king Ambaris was fasting he was visited by sage Durvasa
The king was to break his fast while serving Durvasa but the rishi went to the riverbank to take a bath.
Fearing the change of date (which would deem his fast fruitless), the king broke his fast by drinking the water which he had poured on the feet of the rishi. When the rishi realised that the king had not served him first, he ran to curse the king.
On this, Vishnu ordered his death like disc to move towards Durvasa and thus the ego of Durvasa was removed.
Now Brahmin Durvasa ran for his life. Even the gods and deities could not afford him shelter.
He was avoided in the abodes of Indra, Siva, Brahma and the heavens.
Gods and God made him understand (that none except Ambaris could save him).
Then he surrendered before Ambaris and Ambaris saved the dying sage.
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