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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 10
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 6 Harischandar and queen Taramati

suK rwjy hrIcMd Gr nwr su qwrw locn rwxI]
swD sMgiq iml gWvsy rwqIN jwie suxY gurbwxI]
ipCoN rwjw jwigAw A`DI rwq inKMf ivhwxI]
rwxI ids n AwveI mn ivc vrq geI hYrwxI]
horqu rwqIN au~TkY cilAw ipCY qrl juAwxI]
rwxI phuqI sMgqIN rwjy KVI KVWau nIswxI]
swD sMgiq AwrwiDAw joVI juVI KVwauN purwxI]
rwjy ifTw cilq ieh KVWv hY coj ivfwxI]
swD sMgq ivthu kurbwxI ]ö]

sukh raajae hureechu(n)dh ghur naar s thaaraa lochun raanee||
saadhh su(n)gath mil gaa(n)vusae raathee jaae sunai gurubaanee||
pishho raajaa jaagiaa audhhee raath nikhu(n)dd vihaanee||
raanee dhis n aavee mun vich vuruth gee hairaanee||
horuth raathee out(h)ukai chaliaa pishhai thurul juaanee||
raanee puhuthee su(n)guthee raajae khurree khurraa(n)o neesaanee||
saadhh su(n)gath aaraadhhiaa jorree jurree khurraao puraanee||
raajae ddit(h)aa chalith eih khurraa(n)v hai choj viddaanee||
saadhh su(n)guth vittuhu kurubaanee ||u||

King HariChand had a queen with beautiful eyes, Tara, who had made his home the abode of comforts.
At night she would go to the place where in the form of holy congregation, would recite the holy hymns.
After she had left, the King awoke in the middle of the night and realised she had gone.
He could not find the Queen anywhere and his heart filled with astonishment
The following night he followed the young queen.
The queen reached the holy congregation and the King lifted one of her sandals from there (so that he could prove the infidelity of the queen).
When about to go, the queen concentrated upon the holy congregation and the one sandal became a pair.
The king upheld this feat and realized that there her matching sandal was a miracle.
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