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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 10
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 1 Story of the saints-Dhruv

<> siqgurpRswid ]
DR¨ hsdw Gr AwieAw kr ipAwr ipau kuCV lIqw]
bwhoN pkV auTwilAw mn ivc ros mqRyeI kIqw]
fufhuilkw mW puCy qUM swvwxI hY ik srIqw]
swvwxI hW jnm dI nwm n BgqI krm idRVIqw]
iks aud`m qy rwj imlY sqR U qy sB hovn mIqw]
prmySr AwrwDIAY ijMdU hoeIAY piqq punIqw]
bwhr cilAw krn qp mn bYrwgI hoie AqIqw]
nwrdmuin aupdyiSAw nwm inDwn Aimaurs pIqw]
ipChu rwjy sidAw Abcl rwj krhu inq nIqw]
hwr cly gurmuK jg jIqw ]ñ]

ik ou(n)kaar sathiguruprusaadh ||
dhhru husudhaa ghur aaeiaa kur piaar pio kushhurr leethaa||
baaho pukurr out(h)aaliaa mun vich ros muthraeee keethaa||
ddudduhulikaa maa(n) pushhae thoo(n) saavaanee hai k sureethaa||
saavaanee haa(n) junum dhee naam n bhuguthee kurum dhrirreethaa||
kis oudhuum thae raaj milai suthr oo thae subh hovun meethaa||
purumaeshur aaraadhheeai ji(n)dhoo hoeeai pathith puneethaa||
baahur chaliaa kurun thup mun bairaagee hoe atheethaa||
naarudhumun oupudhaeshiaa naam nidhhaan amiourus peethaa||
pishhuhu raajae sadhiaa abuchul raaj kuruhu nith neethaa||
haar chulae gurumukh jug jeethaa ||u||

One Oankar, the primal energy, realized through the grace of the divine preceptor
Boy Dhru came smiling to his house (palace) and his father full of love put him into his lap.
Seeing this, the stepmother got angry and catching hold of his arm pushed him out of the lap of the father (the king).
Tearful with fear he asked his mother whether she was a queen or a maidservant?
O son! (said she) I was born queen but I did not remember God and did not undertake acts of devotion (and this is the reason of yours and mine plight).
With that effort can the kingdom be had (asked Dhru) and how can enemies turn friends?
The Lord should be worshipped and thus the sinners also become sacred ones (said the mother).
Listening to this and getting totally detached in his mind Dhru went out (to the jungle) to undertake rigorous discipline.
On the way, sage Narad taught him the technique of devotion and Dhru quaffed the nectar from the ocean of the Name of the Lord.
(After some time) King (Uttanpad) called him back and asked him (Dhru) to rule forever.
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