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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 10
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 2 Prahlad

Gr hrnwKs dYNq dy k`lr kvl Bgq pRüihlwd]
pVHn pTwXw cwtswl pWDy icq hoAw Aihlwd]
ismrY mn ivc rwm nwm gwvY Sbd Anwhd nwd]
Bgiq krn sB cwtVy pWDy hoie rhy ivsmwd]
rwjy pws rUAwieAw doKI dYNq vDwieAW vwd]
jl AgnI ivc GiqAw jlY n fubY gur prswd]
kF KVg sd puiCAw kaux su qyrw hY ausqwd]
QMm pwV prgitAw nr isMG rUp AnUp Anwd]
bymuK pkV pCwiVAn sMq shweI Awid jugwd]
jY jY kwr krn bRhmwd ]ò]
ghur hurunaakhus dhaith dhae kuulur kuvul bhuguth pruehilaadhu||
purruun put(h)aayaa chaattusaal paa(n)dhhae chith hoaa ahilaadhu||
simurai mun vich raam naam gaavai shubudh anaahudh naadhu||
bhugath kurun subh chaatturrae paa(n)dhhae hoe rehae visumaadhu||
raajae paas rooaaeiaa dhokhee dhaith vudhhaaeiaaa(n) vaadhu||
jul agunee vich ghathiaa julai n ddubai gur purusaadhu||
kudt khurrug sudh pushhiaa koun s thaeraa hai ousuthaadhu||
thhu(n)m paarr purugattiaa nur si(n)gh roop anoop anaadhu||
baemukh pukurr pushhaarrian su(n)th sehaaee aadh jugaadhu||
jai jai kaar kurun brehumaadh ||u||

Prahlad, the saint, was born in the house of demon (king) Haranakhas like a lotus is born in the alkaline (barren) land.
When he was sent to seminary, the brahmin purohit became elated (because the king’s son was now his disciple).
Prahlad would remember the name of Ram in his heart and outwardly also he would eulogise the Lord.
Now all the disciples became devotees of Lord, which was an awful and embarrassing situation for all the teachers.
The priest (teacher) reported or complained to the king (that O king your son has become devotee of God).
The malevolent demon picked up the quarrel. Prahlad was thrown into fire and water but with the grace of Guru (the Lord) neither he was burnt nor drowned.
Angered as he was, Hiranyaksyapu took out his double-edged sword and asked Prahlad who his Guru (Lord) was.
At the same moment Lord God in the form of man-lion came out of pillar. His form was grand and majestic.
That wicked demon was thrown down and killed and thus it was proved that the Lord is kind to devotees since the time immemorial.
Seeing this Brahma and other gods started eulogising the Lord. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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