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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 2
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri2 Example of an instrumentalist

ijauN jMqRI hQ jMqR lY sB rwg vjwey]
Awpy sux sux mgn hoie Awpy gun gwey]
Sbd suriq ilvlIx hoie Awpy rIJwey]
kQqw Qkqw Awp hY surqw ilv lwey]
Awpy Awp ivsmwd hoie srbMg smwey]
Awpy Awp vrqdw gurmuK pqIAwey ]ò]
jio ju(n)three huthh ju(n)thr lai subh raag vujaaeae||
aapae sun sun mugun hoe aapae gun gaaeae||
shubudh surath livuleen hoe aapae reejhaaeae||
kuthhuthaa thhukuthaa aap hai suruthaa liv laaeae||
aapae aap visumaadh hoe surubu(n)g sumaaeae||
aapae aap vuruthudhaa gurumukh putheeaaeae ||u||

The Lord resembles to an instrumentalist who holding the instrument in his hand plays all the different measures on it.
Listening to the tunes played he remain immersed in them and eulogises the Supreme.
Merging his consciousness in the Word he becomes elated and makes others also delighted.
Lord is the speaker as well as the listener immersed in super consciousness.
Himself all bliss He premeates one and all.
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