Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 2
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri4 Himself the enjoyer as well as the joy

Awpy plµG ivCwiekY Awp AMdr sauNdw]
supny AMdr jwiekY dysMqr BauNdw]
rMk rwau rwau rMk hoie duK suK ivc pwauNdw]
q`qw sIArw hoie jl Awvtx KauNdw]
hrK sog ivc DWvdw cwvwey cauNdw]
Awpy Awp vrqdw gurmuK suK rauNdw ]ô]
aapae pulu(n)gh vishhaaeikai aap a(n)dhur soudhaa||
supunae a(n)dhur jaaeikai dhaesu(n)thur bhoudhaa||
ru(n)k raao raao ru(n)k hoe dhukh sukh vich paaoudhaa||
thuuthaa seearaa hoe jul aavuttun khoudhaa||
hurukh sog vich dhhaa(n)vudhaa chaavaaeae choudhaa||
aapae aap vuruthudhaa gurumukh sukh roudhaa ||u||


He Himself spreads the bedstead and Himself reclines on it.
Entering into the dreams He wanders through far off regions.
Making the poor a king and the king a poor person He puts them in pain and pleasure.
In the form of water He Himself gets hot and cold.
Amidst sorrows and delights He moves around and responds to the call when called.
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