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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 2
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri5 Deserving distinctions

smsr vrsY svWq bUMd ijauN sBnI QweIN]
jl AMdr jl hoie imlY DrqI bhu BweIN]
ikrK ibrK rs ks Gxy Pl Pu`l suhweI]
kyly ivc kpUr hoie sIql suKdweI]
moqI hovY isp mih bhu mol mulweI]
ibsIAr dy muih kwlkUt icqvY buirAweI]
Awpy Awp vrqdw sqsMg suBweI ]õ]
sumusur vurusai suvaa(n)th boo(n)dh jio subhunee thhaaee||
jul a(n)dhur jul hoe milai dhhuruthee buhu bhaaee||
kirukh birukh rus kus ghunae ful ful suhaaee||
kaelae vich kupoor hoe seethul sukhudhaaee||
mothee hovai sip mehi buhu mol mulaaee||
biseear dhae muhi kaalukoott chithuvai buriaaee||
aapae aap vuruthudhaa suthusu(n)g subhaaee ||u||

As the drops of rain in the svati nakstr (fifteenth star formation among the) twenty seven star formations known in india) fall equally at all places,
And falling into water they merge in water and on earth they become earth;
At places it transforms into plants and vegetation, sweet and bitter; at some places they are well adorned with myriad flowers and fruits.
Falling on the banana leaves they transform into cooling camphor.
The same when they fall into a sea-shell become pearls.
Gone into the mouth of a snake they turn into deadly poison and always think evil.
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