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Idol Worship

1. The stone which man calls God,
Takes him and drowns him along with it;
O sinful and disloyal creature, understand you not
That a boat of stone cannot carry you ashore?
Nanak has found that Lord, through the Guru,
Who feeds all His creation on sea and on land.
(Guru V, Suhi Rag)

2. He who thinks that the stone is God, Worships in vain;
He who prostrates before stones, Labours to no purpose.
(Guru V, Bhairo Rag)

3. They worship inanimate objects and bow before graves:

4. Their all exertions will go in vain.
(Guru IV, Malhar Rag)

5. Those who have forsaken God,
And have attached themselves to idols, Shall go to hell.
(Guru V, Jaitsri Rag)

6. The truth is this:
God lives amongst His people,
And is not to be found in stones.
(Kabirji, Tilang Rag)

7. They worship one stone,
While the other stones they trample under their feet;
If the former is God, then the latter must also be the same.
So says Namdev: I worship God alone.
(Namdevji, Gauri Rag)

8. Neither the stone can speak,
Nor it is capable of giving anything;
All your worship and actions are fruitless.
(Guru V, Bhairo Rag)

9. Kabir, people worship stones and call them God;
He who has any faith in them, will be lost in midstream.
(Kabirji, Shlokas)

10. The Gods and goddesses are worshipped, O brother!
What ought we beg and what can they give?
The stone bathed in water, O brother, Sinks down in it.
(Guru I, Sorath Rag)

11. The stone which he calls Lord, Drowns him with itself.
(Guru V, Suhi Rag)

12. I shall not worship idols or say Namez,
I shall lay my heart at the feet
Of the One Supreme Being.
(Guru V, Bhairo Rag)

13. He takes a bath, And worships the stone;
Without the love of God, He is full of dirt.
(Guru I, Ramkali Rag) will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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