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1. By drinking intoxicating liquor, One gets much misery.
Guru I, Bihagara Rag

2. Nanak, being intoxicated with liquor, One commits many a sin.
Guru I, Bihagara Rag

3. By getting drunk, One cannot distinguish between friend and foe.
Guru III, Bihagara Rag

4. Getting drunk, one forgets the Master, And is punished in His Court.
Guru III, Bihagara Rag

5. Drink not this fake wine, Avoid it with all your determination.
Nanak they are truly intoxicated, Who drink the nectar of His Nam.
Guru III, Bihagara Rag

6. Nanak by meeting the True Guru and through His kindness,
One obtains the wine of his Nam.Guru III, Bihagara Rag

8. He, who drinketh the essence of Nam is ever intoxicated,

9. All other intoxicants wear off in a moment.
Imbued with Lord's essence, the mind is ever in bloom and bliss,
While intoxication of worldly sovour brings woe and care,
He, who drinketh the nectar of Lord's Nam,
Is for ever in ecstasy;
All other drinks are futile.
Guru V, Asa Rag

10. Come ye, my comrades,
Give up the love of insipid drink of evil,
And drink the quintessence of Nam,
Without tasting this, myriads have been drowned in the ocean of Maya
And one's soul is never at peace.
Guru I, Sri Rag

11. Sayeth Nanak,
The drinking of wine leads one to wicked deeds.
Guru I, Bihagara Rag

12. By drinking wine, one loses sanity and gets involved
in brawls, Loses the power of discrimination,
And incurs displeasure of the Lord.
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