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1. The creator has ordained, The transmigration of soul. U
(Guru III, Bilawal Rag)

2. The universe exhibits, The phenomenon of metempsychosis.
(Guru III, Bilawal Rag) 

3. Those in whose heart there is greed and lust have
lost their way; They will have to pass through many births.
(Guru III, Gujri Rag)

4. Lust and anger dominate the whole earth,
Therefore, man has to pass through the pangs of transmigration.
(Guru III Majh Rag)

5. One wanders through Eighty-four lacs of different births.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

6. As many a flower blossoms in wildderness,
And wasted its frangrance, So through many births I have wandered.
(Kabirji, Gauri Rag)

7. Those who are entangled in lust, anger, greed and passion,
Cannot be saved from transmigration.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

8. My Lord, save me this time, So that I may not have to be born again.
(Kabirji, Maru Rag)

9. Eating, drinking, playing and laughing,
I have passed through many births;
My Master, save me from the dreadful ocean of transmigration.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag) 

10. God's works are wonderful, Forgetting Him one has to pass through many births.
(Guru III, Majh Rag)

11. Says Kabir, remember God, He will end transmigration for you.
(Kabirji, Asa Rag)

12. Nanak, transmigration can only end, If He resides in the mind.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

13. Nanak, God is ever with me, I have no fear of transmigration.
(Guru V, Sorath Rag)

14. Godly men live on the Nam of the Lord,
They have been relieved of the pains of fear,
And the pangs of of transmigration.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

15. By singing His glory, All desires are fulfilled.
The fear of transmigration is removed, And the true One is realized.
(Guru V, Jaitsri Rag)

16. Through the service of the Lord, The transmigration of soul can be brought to an end.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

17. Says Nanak,
I have prostrated at Thy feet, save me from trans-migration.
(Guru V, Bihagara Rag)

18. Praise thou thy Lord, And thou will liberate Thy soul.
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