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1. By forcing the mind, one finds not the Lord: many have this wise struggled in vain.
They tried a thousand clever tricks, but their Raw mind did not accept the Color of the Lord.
Through Falsehood and Deceit, one Attains not the Lord, for one eats what one sows. (Sri Rag M. 4)

2. Through the Guru, one stils (the Ego of) one's mind;
And tests it on the Touchstone of the Word.
One grapples with one's mind, and settles with it alone;
And is then at Peace with the mind. (Var of Sri Rag M. 3)

3. Within the cave (of the mind) is an inexhaustible Treasure.
Within it resides the unknowable, infinite, He--
Who Himself is Manifest, Unmanifest. (Majh M. 3)

4. Thy mind is like the bird, and as are its deeds, it becomes now good, now evil;
It sits now on the (sweet smelling) Chandan, now on the bough of the
(poisonous) swallow-wort,
And then again is attuned to the highest Truth.
Nanak: The Lord Drives all in His Will: for such, indeed, is His Nature. (Shloka M. 1)

5. The mind is wild and rare is the one who controls it.
If it eats the Uneatable, then the mind becomes Pure.
The God-wards make their minds Beauteous thus;
They shed their Ego and the sense of Sin. (Gauri Guareri M. 3)

6. This mind is Shakti, this mind is Shiva,
This mind is the essence of all the five elements.
He, who takes this mind to the Higher Regions and there abides he;
To him (alone) is Revealed the Mystery of the three Worlds. (Rag Gauri Poorbi, Kabirji)

7. Joy and pain, dispassion and revelry are the play of the Lord.
Now one is in fear, now in fearlessness; now calm, now lure by wander-lust;
Now in revelry, now in the state of abandonment;
Now dedicated to Yoga, worship, austerity, and now enticed away by Doubt,
And then, through the Lord's Mercy, one Attains the society of the
Saints and is Imbued with the Love of the Lord. (Asa M. 5)

8. The mind is like an elephant--wild and intoxicated with its own power:
And it wanders about in the woods f Illusion, lured by Attachment:
With Death ever hovering over its head, it goes about here and there,
But when it meets with the Guru, it finds its Home.
This mind is born of five elements.
It is the mind that does (good) Deeds and practises Righteousness,
And then drunk with power, becomes Wild and Ignorant too,
But, when it cherishes the Lord's Name, through the Guru's Word, it
becomes beauteous again.
This mind finds its Home through the Guru.
And so becomes Awake to (the Reality of) the three Worlds.
This mind is detached and also attached, and practises austerities too,
And also it knows the Quintessence of the Supreme Lord.
The mind now renounces all sense-desires and I-amness.
(And then) in it abide Desire and the craving for the Other.
He who, through the Guru, tastes the Cure-all of the Lord's Name,
Gathers glory, at the Lord's Court, yea, at God's Abode.

This mind becomes fearless too by cherishing the Lord's Name, by the Guru's Grace.
It overpowers the Five (Desires) and slays them;
And holding its ego in its grip, it binds them down.
The Mind, by the Guru's Grace, forsakes all other pulls and loves,
And, through the Guru's Word, awakens to the Lord's Worship.
Hearing the unstruck Melody (of the Word), the Mind accepts, and 
reflects upon, the Truth of the Word.
And, Realizing the Self, it is Attuned to the Formless He.

This Mind becomes immaculate in the Lord's Presence,
And, Attuned to the Lord's Name, is Imbued with the Loving
adoration of the Lord, through the Guru's Word. (Asa, M. 1)

9. If the mind becomes stranger to itself, estranged from it, then, is the whole 
world. (Rag Suhi M. 1)

10. Is this mind a householder or Detached, abiding in Dispassion?
Or, is this mind colorless, eternal and ever the same?
Is the mind-nature mercurial, or one of aloofness?
Pray, how was the mind afflicted by the sense of 'mineness' ?
O Pundit, give thought to this mind.
Why read incessantly and carry an unavailing load?
It is the Creator-Lord who has made Maya and 'mineness' a part of  our nature,
And willing thus, has Created the whole creation.
Pray, know thou this Truth, by the Guru's grace,
And Surrender ever to the God's Refuge. (Rag Malhar M. 3) will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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