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1. (If the Lord Wills), He may make the tigers and hawks and kites and falcons eat grass.
And the grass-eating animals he may feed the meats.
He may dry up the beds of the streams and flood the deserts.
A mere worm he may exalt to kingship and reduce to dust the armies (arrayed against him).
All creatures live by breathing; but He may keep one without breath, if He Wills.
Nanak: As the True One Wills, so doth man abide. (Shloka M. 1)

2. If I clothed myself with fire, and abided in the house of snow and chewed  iron for my feed,
And I gulped down all pain like water, and drove the world before me.
And weighed I the earth and the skies in the scales with a mere copper.
And if so great I be that I contained not myself within me, and all were driven by my will,
And so powerful were my mind that I did what I willed, while others were followed.
(Vain would this be all) for, as Great is the Lord, so is His Mercy which
He Bestows in His Will.
Nanak: He, on whom is His Grace, he attains the Glory of the True Name. (Shloka M. 1)

3. If the Lord grants power to a mere ant, She can destroy myriads of hosts.
He, whose life He does not like to end, Him he Protects with His Glorious hands,
But his doings avail him not. (Gauri Sukhmani M. 5)

4. One practises many postures, like a Siddha, but one's mind craves to possess extra-psychic powers.
But, when one meets with the Saint Peace comes to Him, and He is blest with the Miraculous powers of the Lord's Name. (Bilawal, M. 4)

5. To work miracles is vain, an empty show. (Japu, M. 1)

6. To crave for the world's treasures, or to become a miracle-man is vain.For, thiswise, we break not off (the chains of) Desire, and the Lord's Name abides not in our mind. (Var, Vadhans, M. 3)

7. Without the Lord's Name, all miracls, all extra-psychic powers, all eats and wears, are of no consequence. That alone is a miracle which the Lord of Himself blesses us with. (Var, Sorath, M. 3)

8. Nanak, call that a miracle Which the Lord graciously bestows.
(Guru II, Asa Raga)

9. When the Lord gives unexpectedly,It is called a miracle.
(Guru III, Sorath Raga)

10. The desire to possess miraculous powers is a false attachment, It keeps out the love of Nam from the heart.
(Guru III, Vadhans Raga) will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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