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Gateway to Sikhism


1. There is, But One God. (Guru I, Japji)
2. Contemplate the True One that was in the beginning,
The True One that was ere the world began,
The True One that exists even now,
The True One that shall exist in the future also.
(Guru I, Japji)
3. I worship the One God,
I remember the One God,
And I make supplication to the One God alone.
(Guru V, Jaitsri Rag)

4. O God, Thou art One,
Thou art Merciful, Infinite.
(Guru V, Jaitsri Rag)
5. My Mother,
I do not know anybody other than God.
(Kabirji, Gauri Rag)
6. There is only One Giver,
And He is my only Friend.
(Guru III, Gauri Rag)
7. Have faith in One, O man!
Give up faith in others.

(Guru V, Gauri Rag)
8. I have no concern with any Devata,
Whenever I pray, I pray to God alone.
(Kabirji, Bhairo Rag)
9. The tongue may be burnt,
That repeats the name of one other than God.
(Guru III, GujriRag)
10. All creatures have One Protector.
(Guru I, Sri Rag)

11. Says Kabir at the top of his voice:
There is but One and the Same God,
Both for the Hindus and the Muslims.
(Kabirji, Asa Rag)
12. By whose favour you enjoy the pleasures and
comforts of life,
Nanak, he alone is worthy of being remembered
ever and anon.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)
13. There is but One Giver,
And no one else.
(Guru V, SriRag)

14. I do not recognize anybody else,
I always sing Thy glory.
(Guru I, Bilawal Rag)
15. He who wanders about after Devatas,
Shall go empty-handed.
(Guru V, Asa Rag)
16. Nanak, the worship of the True One is real;
Whosoever takes birth and passes away is unstable
and transient.
(Guru I, Asa Rag)

17. Serve the True One,
And praise the True One.
(Guru III, Majh Rag)
18. There are six Shastras,
Their authors are six with six different teachings;
The Guru of the Gurus is One and the Same,
Although His garbs are many.
(Guru I, Asa Rag)
19. God is my hope and mainstay;
God is my friend and I depend only upon Him.
(Guru V, Asa Rag)

20. Nanak, dwell thou on the Nam of One,
For, He alone is the Support of all.
(Guru III, Sri Rag)
21. Call on God, the One, the Formless,
Through the Grace of the Guru.
(Guru III, Sri Rag)
22. My True Guru lives for ever,
He does not take birth.
Nor death can take Him away,
He is Immortal Being,
And He is All-pervading. (Guru III, Suhi Rag)

23. O my mind, contemplate thou the Fear-free Lord,
Who is and was and shall ever be,
Who is without enmity, the Being beyond time,
Not-incarnated and Self-existent;
The Formless one, above wants,
Meditate upon Him alone.
(Guru IV, Asa Rag)
24. The Supreme Lord is unperceivable,
Say, how is one to attain Him?
He has neither from nor feature and is unseen.
Then how is He to be dwelt upon?
He is Formless, Immaculate and unknowable,
Then what attribute of Him shall one sing?
(Guru IV, Sorath Rag)
25. O Thou the Person on High,
The Purest of the pure,
Infinite and Unfathomable,
O Thou the Creator,
All worship Thee, all bow to Thee.
(Guru IV, Asa Rag)
26. I cherish the Timeless Being,
And meditate on Him alone,
Night and day.
(Guru V, Maru Rag)

27. Look for the support of One God alone;
Forsake the expectation of help from any other;
And dwell on Nam, O Nanek,
That your object may be achieved.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)
28. Give up cleverness, O good man,
Remember and ever remember God, the Lord,
Nanak, trust in the One God alone,
That thy suffering, fear and doubts may be
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

29. Meditate upon One God alone,
And the One alone do glorify;
Remember ever remember, O man, the One,
And Him alone do ever in your heart enshrine,
Sing, yea, sing the praises of the One,
The praises that can have no end.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)
30. With all your heart and soul contemplate upon
the One Lord alone,
The One, the Alll-in-All, Perfect and Supreme One,
He pervadeth all, yea, full and brimming by Himself,
Many an emanation from this One have over- flowed;
Remember Him, the Holy One, O man.
All your sins shall vanish,
When imbued with the love of the One, within and without;
By the Grace of the Guru, the Blessed One is found.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)
31. They say:
Brahma is the one who creates,
Bishnu the other that sustains,
And Shiva, they say, is the destroyer,
That controls and sits on judgement.
But no, in reality it is One God,
Who directs the world according to His Will,
And no other.
(Guru I, Japji)
32. All hail unto Him,
All hail unto Him,
Who is the Primal Being, Immaculate.
Without beginning and ever Changeless,
And is the same from age to age.
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