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Resignation to His Will

1. My Lord,
Thy Will may be sweet to me,
Nanak begs for Thy Nam.
(Guru V, Asa Rag)

2. He who has submitted himself to Thy Will,
Has found Thee in every heart.
(Guru V, Majh Rag)

3. Nanak, by following His Will,
One shall meet Him.
(Guru II, Majh Rag)

4. I shall always sing His glory,
May His Will be sweet to me.
(Guru V, Bihagara Rag)

5. What Thou doest is to my good;
Nanak seeks happiness only at Thy feet.
(Guru V, Bilawal Rag)

6. Says Nanak,
O Saviour of the fallen!
Keep me as Thou willest.
(Guru V, Asa Rag)

7. Those who accept His Will,
Have been saved by Him.
(Guru V, Asa Rag)

8. Kabir, I am His slaves--dog,
And my name is Moti;
There is a string around my neck,
And withersoever He pulls, I go.
(Kabirji, Shlokas)

9. He who has fallen at the feet of the Lord,
What has he to worry for?
(Guru V, Majh Rag)

10. My mind.
Do not grumble.
Accept what is given to you with gratitude,
(Kabirji, Asa Rag)

11. Says Kabir,
I am the sleve of your house,
You may accept or reject me.
(Kabirji, Gauri Rag)

12. Says Nanak,
I one knew Thy Will,
One would not say, I am.
(Guru I, JapjiAPJI)

13. My Master!
The path to which Thou directest,
We follow.
(Guru III, Ramkali Rag)

14. Nanak prays:
May Thy Will be sweet to me.
(Guru I, Japji)

15. Whatever pleases Thee
Is the best occupation for me.
(Guru I, Japji)

16. Neither I wish to live in heaven,

Nor I am afraid of hell,
Let Thy Will be done.
(Kabirji, Gauri Rag)

17. obey Thy Will,
And leave everything to Thee.
(Kabirji, Gauri Rag)

18. Nanak, he who obeys His Will,
Will ever remain happy,
And will realize the Truth.
(Guru III, Asa Rag)

19. If you become mine,
Then everything is thine.
(Faridji, Shlokas)

20. The Ordainer directs everything according to His Will;
Nanak, free from care He rejoices.
(Guru I, Japji)

21. Blessed are those
Who obey Thy Will.
(Guru V, Asa Rag)

22. O True One!
Keep me as Thou Willest.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

23. They who accept His Will,
Shall meet the Lord.
(Kabirji, Sri Rag)

24. I live as Thou keepest,
I eat and wear as Thou givest.
(Guru V, Majh Rag)

25. They may call me good or evil,
But I have thrown myself at Thy feet.

(Guru I, Devgandhari Rag)

26. Says Nanak,
He who obeys God's Will,
Is happy day and night.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

27. By obeying His Will,
One can attain Him.

28. Seek not thou the abode of heaven,
Nor fear thou the deeps of hell;
For, that which has to happen must happen,

So build no false hopes in thy mind.

29. Says Nanak:
That alone happens what He Wills;
For nothing is in the hand of man.
(Guru I, SRI RAG)

30. Surrender thyself, so mayest thou meet thy Lord,
No other wisdom can be of avail.

31. O thou the Creator, the True, my Master,
That alone happens which Thou Willest,
And I get what Thou givest me.
(Guru IV, ASA RAG)

32. That what God Willeth, happens;
None else can do anything.

33. What pleaseth Thee is the only good action,
O Thou, the Eternal, the Formless One.
(Guru I, JAPJI)

34. All that is His Will shall happen;
Who else can do anything?
(Guru I, SRI RAG)

35. I fear not death,
Nor do I wish to live long,
I seek thee who supporteth us all,
And in whose Will we live and enjoy.
(Guru I, SRI RAG)

36. Easy it is to say and utter,
But far harder to accept Thy Will.
(Guru V, SRI RAG)

37. Whom shall I serve?
What shall I meditate upon?
Ask thy True Guru.
Submit to His Will and cast thyself away.
This alone is the service of the Lord,
And the Nam cometh unto thee.

38. Thou, O Lord art the Giver of life, peace, glory
And I am happy in Thy Will.
(Guru V, MAJH RAG)

39. In His Will are men high and low,

As is Hid Will, so are dispensed pleasure or pain.
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