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Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 12 Pauree 7-8


Awip aupdysY smJY Awip ]

aap updaysai samjhai aap.

He Himself instructs, and He Himself learns.

Awpy ricAw sB kY swiQ ]

aapay rachi-aa sabh kai saath.

He Himself mingles with all.

Awip kIno Awpn ibsQwru ]

aap keeno aapan bisthaar.

He Himself created His own expanse.

sBu kCu aus kw Ehu krnYhwru ]

sabh kachh us kaa oh karnaihaar.

All things are His; He is the Creator.

aus qy iBMn khhu ikCu hoie ]

us tay bhinn kahhu kichh ho-ay.

Without Him, what could be done?

Qwn Qnµqir eykY soie ]

thaan thanantar aykai so-ay.

In the spaces and interspaces, He is the One.

Apuny cilq Awip krxYhwr ]

apunay chalit aap karnaihaar.

In His own play, He Himself is the Actor.

kauqk krY rMg Awpwr ]

ka-utak karai rang aapaar.

He produces His plays with infinite variety.

mn mih Awip mn Apuny mwih ]

man meh aap man apunay maahi.

He Himself is in the mind, and the mind is in Him.

nwnk kImiq khnu n jwie ]7]

naanak keemat kahan na jaa-ay. ||7||

O Nanak, His worth cannot be estimated. ||7||

siq siq siq pRBu suAwmI ]

sat sat sat parabh su-aamee.

True, True, True is God, our Lord and Master.

gur prswid iknY viKAwnI ]

gur parsaad kinai vakhi-aanee.

By Guru's Grace, some speak of Him.

scu scu scu sBu kInw ]

sach sach sach sabh keenaa.

True, True, True is the Creator of all.

koit mDy iknY ibrlY cInw ]

kot maDhay kinai birlai cheenaa.

Out of millions, scarcely anyone knows Him.

Blw Blw Blw qyrw rUp ]

bhalaa bhalaa bhalaa tayraa roop.

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful is Your Sublime Form.

Aiq suMdr Apwr AnUp ]

at sundar apaar anoop.

You are Exquisitely Beautiful, Infinite and Incomparable.

inrml inrml inrml qyrI bwxI ]

nirmal nirmal nirmal tayree banee.

Pure, Pure, Pure is the Word of Your Bani,

Git Git sunI sRvn bK´wxI ]

ghat ghat sunee sarvan bakh-yaanee.

heard in each and every heart, spoken to the ears.

pivqR pivqR pivqR punIq ]

pavitar pavitar pavitar puneet.

Holy, Holy, Holy and Sublimely Pure

nwmu jpY nwnk min pRIiq ]8]12]

naam japai naanak man pareet. ||8||12||

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